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In New York, everyone is pretty decisive. People generally walk around this city with a destination, a purpose, and a means of execution. No “ifs,” “ands,” or “buts” about it. Very similar to when a New Yorker goes to the deli counter, and they already know what they want, when they want it, and how they want it [lemme get ham and provolone on a hero, light on the mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, hold the onions, oil and vinegar, cut diagonally, with a coffee, three sugars, and cream on the side….STAT]. If only dating could be this simple…

Everyday folks get in relationships, and they don’t really have a grasp of what they want. Or, they think that they know what they want when they really have no idea. They think that they want a relationship; they go through all of the motions, and then boom, they have this major epiphany, which tells them that either they didn’t really like the person in the first place, they got bored so quickly in the relationship that they found themselves lost in relationship purgatory, or they realized that they’re too young [at heart] to be tied down [Don’t Waste Your Pretty: A Belle In Brooklyn fame].

Either way, if you’re lost in this sauce called life, trying to rediscover yourself, find as many Georgia peaches as possible, or do like your girl Beyoncé and eat lots of watermelon, you need to make your intentions known from the beginning. Don’t string me along while you’re at the deli counter contemplating whether you want whole wheat or white bread [now you’re wasting my pretty].

And I thought I was the only one who gets strung along while dating [don’t worry; it can happen to anyone *sigh of relief*]. One of my best guy friends was actually in a serious relationship [or so he thought] with a young lady when she unexpectedly hit him with a text stating that she could no longer see him. Everything seemed like it was going well between them. They did what couples typically do nowadays, which is post selfies together on Facebook and Instagram [I guess you really can’t believe everything that you see on the Internet]. They talked regularly. They went on dates regularly. They shared secrets, goals, and ambitions regularly. They even Skyped regularly [Is there such a thing as over communication?] Then boom, it was all over [WTF?].

Don’t worry; women get strung along too. One of my good lady friends was loosely dating a guy. They were intimate, and they had a few conversations afterward via text where he stated that she didn’t act like she was very interested [a.k.a she wasn’t too pressed]. Apparently, she thought they were just having a springtime fling. Soon after this declaration, she started playing the role, being more attentive and showing more interest. Subsequently, he stopped talking to her altogether [What the heck?]. I guess he really wasn’t that interested, or he just didn’t know what he really wanted [confused].

So, if you’re serious, be serious. If you’re not serious, let someone know. Trust me; no one is going to get mad. Serious or not.


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