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New York is truly a melting pot! There is no other place where you can have that quirky, forensic scientist girl from Minnesota, the ambitious go-getter from Detroit who’s starting her own marketing company geared towards millennials, the free-spirited, independent filmmaker from Cali, and the wedding planner from Maryland who quit her 9-to-5 to plan weddings full-time in the same room at the same time [a.k.a. Starbucks]. This is one of the aspects that makes this city so great; this is also one of the aspects that makes this city so bad for dating.

Everyone in this city moves to the beat of their own drum, or drums [gotta love cliches]. These days, I find that it’s very hard to find someone whom you are in tune with: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I meet someone like “the planner” whom I’m extremely attracted to physically, and feel that we’re equally yoked [i.e. college grad, smart, sophisticated, etc], yet we don’t mesh on many other levels. Or, the public relations manager whom I thought we had a great connection, and amazing chemistry, but apparently she only likes guys with really big muscles who lift really heavy weights [hope they lift books too]. Or, the driven publicist from PDX [Portland, Oregon] whom I went on a couple of great dates with after work. Unfortunately, things started to go downhill when she stated during one of our outings that she wants a man who’s a “lion.” When she said this, I thought to myself — in my head I see a lion, but what stares at me in the mirror is a panda — soft and cuddly [go figure]. I guess you can’t please everyone.

Then, you meet this person who’s just so amazing, where everything just meshes so well like the pieces of a puzzle. It’s almost as if you could finish each others sentences, or you’re inside of each others brain. And when you’re together, everything just feels so natural and organic. Whenever someone asks me about finding the right person, I always tell them that it should be organic. Everything should flow like the lyrics to an ultra dope song. Your special someone should definitely represent the “perfect verse over a tight a$$ beat [Brown Sugar babe].” And when you meet that person, you’ll know right away.

My friends and I are certainly guilty — at one time or another — of pursuing relationships where things don’t necessarily flow as perfectly as they probably should [i.e. dating people with personality quirks that we know annoy the heck out of us].  There is just so much pressure, whether it’s from friends, family, or the media, to find someone, get married, and have the recommended 2.5 kids that people rush to hookup with folks whom they don’t really mesh with. People just don’t want to wait until they find the right person anymore. Be patient, wait, don’t crack under pressure, and find the right person for you. Remember personality matters.



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  • Your Friend

    Dude, The right person?
    Women do not know what they want. Apparently the majority are attracted to assholes aka Lions. I met a lady, and pulled the cat (lion) string move. First night we met, hung out and she wanted me to spend the night. I was out and she was still interested. Texted me and wanted to hang out. Second date night, pulled the same thing, I got to go BS. Guess what, she gave it up! It was a great experience, awesome in bed. She begged for me to stay and offered the world, breakfast in bed, shower and sleep a la nude and more sessions or coitus, IF I slept over. I left and she was still interested, calling and texting. I started feeling bad because deep down inside I’m not an asshole. So I said to myself I’m going to start treating her better. I didn’t reject the idea of staying over on her next attempt and I actually bought her a thoughtful gift (throw blanket) after she got a coach. Guess what happened? Texts started declining and 2 dates later, I got the text, “I’ve been thinking about it, I’m not interested.” This girl is 5’4, 34 DD, gorgeous, smart, knows multiple languages, etc. Her cons, she likes assholes. This has been happening to me over and over again. I think the cure to find the one, is be an asshole, until you’re such an asshole she wants to get rid of you, then at that point you start being nice and you shock her. At this point she’s yours.

    Good Luck Dude Love lol

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