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The last time I’ve written a blog was approximately two years ago. And a lot has changed for me and my single friends. We’ve loved, we’ve lost love, we’ve dated, we’ve traveled, and some of us have become fashion icons. One thing that hasn’t changed is that we’re all still single and looking to mingle.

Well, I guess some things just never change….

In all of our dating adventures, we’ve learned a few things: don’t sweat the small stuff, don’t take yourself too seriously, make sure you read a magazine or newspaper before you go on a date, don’t come 15 minutes late to a date or you might just get left or cursed out, don’t ask a woman if she has emotional baggage prior to going on a first date, don’t assume that a woman is “romantically interested” even after a year and three months of communicating with her on a regular basis, don’t assume that just because you’ve been on a few dates and exhibit great chemistry that a woman won’t shut you down because she says that it’s going to be too much money in gas and tolls to continue dating you (darn, short distance relationships), don’t go on a double date with your boy and decide halfway during the date that you want to switch girls with him, don’t ask a woman out on a movie date because apparently it’s not a sophisticated enough date at our age, never take a woman to a bar for a date because it might just serve its gourmet burgers and fries on paper plates, and apparently that’s a serious faux pas these days (go figure). Furthermore, folks you’ve dated and/or slept with always reserve the right to stop talking to you at a moments notice for any given reason, never use intimacy as a vehicle to get a relationship (men and women alike)…..and never try to find love at #gritsandbiscuits.

Who knew there were so many rules in dating these days? No wonder we’re all single. What happened to meeting someone, developing chemistry, getting to know each other, and going on good ol’ fashioned dates? I guess that’s truly a relic of the past, along with payphones, landlines, emotional connectivity, and effort.

The past two years have definitely been a true learning experiences for me and my single friends. When you think you’ve gotten a handle on this dating thing and have learned all of the rules, everything is subject to change at a moments notice. We’ve done it all over the past two years. And while all of my single friends are still trying to find love, I’m just here writing about it! Some things never change.


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